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Aenarion the Defender was the first Phoenix King of Ulthuan, the monarch of the High Elves, and is the most revered High Elf of all time. Aenarion united all the kingdoms of Ulthuan and the entire race of Elves beneath his rule and defended the world from the terrible daemonic hordes that. Contains all articles related to the Line of Aenarion. The Sword of Khaine, known more famously as the Widowmaker or the Godslayer is a cursed magical.

The following list contains the known descendants of Aenarion, first Phoenix King of Ulthuan. Malekith the Witch King -- Second son of Aenarion, fallen Prince of Nagarythe, Lord of the Druchii. Prince Arathion -- Master Artificer, father of Teclis and Tyrion. 19 Jun A hero arose called Aenarion, who begged the Phoenix God Asuryan to save the Elves. Aenarion offered himself up as a sacrifice, and walked through the eternal flame at the Shrine of Asuryan. However, miraculously, Aenarion emerged unburnt and the Elves crowned him the first Phoenix King. Aenarion. 20 Mar Awhile back, he was an up and coming noble in the courts and being descended from Morelion (son of Aenarion), he had a pretty substantial fortune as well as a big name to live up to. When the elves in the powdered wigs tried to embarrass him in front of the court, usually by making fun of his twin brother.

2 Nov Teclis and Tyrion also have that Curse since they are from the Aenarion Bloodline. But Teclis isnt bloodthirsty at all. I have to add that alot Highelf Nobles Die every Year because of Duells they have. The Highelves are not as Clean white as it might appear first. The Arrogance is one thing. If you are better. Aenarion has 74 ratings and 7 reviews. Dylan said: Oh man, how I wish that we got 2 trilogies for the Elves during the Time of Legends. 1 Trilogy for Ma. A Time of Legends short story. The Sword of Khaine resides upon the Blighted Isle, veiled in mystery and guarded by forces both living and dead. Despite the warnings, Aenarion rides out upon his dragon Indraugnir to seek the prize in order to save his homeland of Ulthuan. READ IT BECAUSE The events in this story form.


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