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problems include application errors, missing files, and possible virus infection. Here are the top five most common problems and how to fix them. I know this could be annoying, but is it possible to make updated media center component cab to copy into MCE components folder? Maybe it can be done with sort of update pack for this component? Wanna hear any opinions :rolleyes ::). Most important question is why and everything begins of your. Feb 11, If you are prompted to insert your XP Disk 2, point the program at the file on the disk /cmpnents/mediactr/i/ If you try it, let us know. NJGroundHog. 0 Kudos. Share. Reply · Pharkas. Bronze. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS Feed · Permalink · Print; Email to a Friend.

Sep 15, It does give me an option to 'save file to clipboard', which I do. I then go back to C :\>Windows>ehome> and right click it hoping to see the paste option but it is not there but there is an option to copy. Not sure how I can copy ehiwmp. dll from to ehome and overwrite Found this pic from a Windows Media Center intro video. I could not find this build on the wiki nor on the WOS-C build list; is this build known? Sorry about the picture quality, the video is from Image From what I can make out, it's xpsp CD2 contains only a readme and a CMPNENTS folder with MEDIACTR, NETFX, and TABLETPC folders in it. The DVD has the same folders, but the files are different. CAB files have the same names but are different sizes. TABLETPC is supplied as a CAB on the DVD, but as individual compressed files on.

Sep 2, Hi Shelly When your installing Media Center Edition the prompt is usually requesting. Windows XP CD2. At this point have you tried inserting the second disc you downloaded and pointing the installer to \cmpnents\mediactr\i\ (or the relevant folder CD2 on the MSDN Tablet DVD) -- Mark. May 23, In the process of installing WXP Pro I had to let the installer "ignore" the following files because the installer said it was unable to copy them: . So far there does not seem to be any problem yet but I wonder what are. these for. My pc is neither tablet pc nor media centre pc. Gary Tsang Guest. Specifically, it's looking for the , and files. Usually, that's in the CMPNENTS\MEDIACTR\i directory of the second disc, though it may be somewhere else on the MSDN distribution DVDs. Gary Tsang, Nov 2,


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