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Documentary · Login 2 Life portrays two people who have found an alternate home in an online world. They meet most diverse human beings globally who have one thing in common - they are savvy in using virtual worlds as an extension to their real lives. Quite proudly we would like to announce that Login 2 Life will be distributed in USA and Canada by Icarus Films! Follow them on or check back here to get news of the latest developments. You can of course also follow us on Facebook – see link to the right Thanx to Autlook for getting us there. Login 2 Life portrays people who have found an alternate home in an online world. This is the starting point of a journey into fascinating virtual realities, meeting.

PRODUCTION. When Daniel Moshel approached us with his idea for the first time, one thing was obvious. He got our attention, as much as he got one of the most important issues of our generation. So let's do it – and here we are Login 2 Life is a feature documentary about life online and what fascinates people about it. ABOUT · Daniel Moshel is a gamer and an award-winning director. He was inspired to make this documentary by his personal experience. But this is about more than just gaming – this is about a new lifestyle, necessary for some, fun for most. Bits and pieces of digital life, glimpses linked within a larger network, a personal. 25 Mar Elaborate digital platforms like Second Life and World of Warcraft offer novel opportunities for friendship, sex, employment, and aesthetic experience in virtual communities populated by cartoon-like avatars. While these simulated worlds are often treated with contempt by the general media, LOGIN 2 LIFE.

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