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Purplera1n windows 7

4 Jul George Hotz (aka geo or geohot) has updated purplera1n to make it work on Windows Vista and 7 including support for 64 bit systems. purplera1n is a software tool which can jailbreak the new iPhone 3GS running on firmware version to allow it to run apps from Cydia. Follow our guide here to jailbreak. GeoHot, the hacker behind the first iPhone 3GS jailbreak, posted the RC2 version of PurpleRa1n. When it first came out yesterday, PurpleRa1n only supported Windows XP SP2 32 Bit. It's now been updated and along with other improvements, it supports Vista and Windows 7. Vista, Windows 7, International, bit support. 3 Jul This tutorial should work with Windows XP, Vista and 7. Step One Open your web browser of choice and navigate to Click the Windows logo at the bottom of the screen. How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 3GS Using PurpleRa1n (Windows) Step Two When prompted save the.

3 Jul Tutorial ini dapat bekerja dengan Windows XP, Vista dan 7. Langkah Pertama Buka browser web pilihan Anda dan ketik alamat tersebutra1n. com. Klik logo Windows yang berada di bawah layar. Bagaimana men-Jailbreak iPhone 3GS Anda Menggunakan PurpleRa1n (Windows). Geohot released a beta software for iPhone 3GS jailbreak called PurpleRa1n. It is beta and has some issues, but it gets the job done if you're patient. Requirements: You must have 1) Windows xp sp2, Vista, Windows 7, MAC OS 2) iTunes 3) Purplera1n software. The jailbreak is a bit incomplete. The kernel. 3 Jul purplera1n is only compatible with Windows XP and Vista 32 and 64 bit. Purplera1n to start on Vista, you must click on the file with the right mouse button and choose the option "Run as administrator". Versions for Mac and Windows 7 will be released, most likely next Monday.

5 Jul And while many of us were off eating ribs or playing with fireworks, Geohot was busy releasing purplera1n RC2. Amongst a variety of fixes, including less flakiness in the payload, RC2 adds support for more versions of Windows (Vista, Windows 7, International, and bit). Sorry Mac folks, Hotz says an OS. 6 Jul Hacker who originally unlocked the iPhone has let loose a jailbreaking app for the iPhone 3GS ahead of the iPhone dev team. For now, it's Windows-only, but a Mac version is supposedly on the way. 6 Jul The project, coined purplera1n, started out as a tool only for certain variants of Windows, but has since blossomed into candidates for most modern variants of Windows (including Windows 7) and a Mac solution. As you probably know, jailbreaking allows a user to install third-party applications from outside.


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