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Windows SDR Software Package (Change log). Contains: SDR# x86 rev ; Airspy Calibration Tool; ADSB Spy rev 42 – High Performance ADSB Decoder ( Requires firmware rc7 or better); Spectrum Spy – Spectrum Analyzer; Astro Spy – Radio Astronomy Utility for Hydrogen Line Spectroscopy; SPY Server. 27 Mar Thanks to Alex for submitting news about his new SDR# plugin called " ctConnector". This plugin allows SDR# to interface with GPredict which is a tool used for tracking the orbit of satellites. Just like with the DDE Tracking plugin and the Orbitron satellite tracking program this plugin could . Click on the RTL-SDR click to select it, choose your desired sample rate then click Start. image Click on the Span button and adjust the span to the sample rate bandwidth you chose in the last step. This will let you see the whole spectrum. image To change the receive mode use the left menu under the frequency.

Full installation instructions At the top of this page. AND RTL dongle, HDSDR and SDR-Radio installations, Linux, OSX, fault finding.. Summary: Unzip ( extract) into a folder, make a shortcut to To extract: Double click the downloaded zip and copy the files into a folder. Don't install in \Program Files\ . 19 May We'll be using the awesome SDR# software for windows, which is really easy to use and very powerful as well! Visit to download - we're using Rev adafruit_products_downloadpng · If for some reason the site is down, we have a mirror of the install folder from 5/19/ Software-defined radio (SDR) is a technique for turning a computer into a radio. But not just an AM/FM radio - by using the computing power on your desktop you can listen and decode a wide variety of broadcasts. SDR can turn your computer into a weather-band receiver, a police/fire report scanner, a music listening.

SDR# (SDRSharp). SDR# (read SDR Sharp) is a simple, intuitive, small and fast PC-based DSP application for Software Defined Radio. It's written in C# with both object design correctness and performance in mind. The main purpose is to offer a simple proof of concept application to get hands into DSP techniques. 28 Jan The console will close when its complete. There should be a new directory called sdrsharp. If you use the latest SDRSarp the procedure is a bit different see screenshot below. Run the to install the drivers. Goto this directory and run the application called (double clicking on it). Please donate to help with the considerable costs: Hardware, lots and lots of it,; Software, sadly not free (Windows, Visual Studio, Intel IPP, ). And then there's the dog food! (Sadly, Laika died on March 7th but there's a new dog coming very soon.) So if you like the SDR software I write please consider a donation.


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