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Silent hill ps1 pt

2 Mar P.T. Demake Makes Silent Hills Teaser Look Like It's From P.T, available as a free browser game on , is by no means a full version of P.T., the beloved Silent Hills teaser famously removed from the PlayStation Store ahead of A culmination of the years of PS1 fandom," Kortelahti told IGN. Digg: Silent Hill - Legendado em Português BR - NTSC-U. Os seguintes membros agradeceram Mazzi por este upload: #DG#, $enpai, *MrDarkness*,,:V: ,,, -Disorder, -!-LenilsonDias-!-, , kakeru, , TÃO, , 11nicolas11, 13Fighter13, , 1everaldo1, 1zedge1, , 2 Mar P.T. corridor, in This is a brilliant tribute to P.T and really feels like it was made on a PS1 in ! If you'd like to see gameplay footage before playing, . This was a PHENOMENAL 'demake' of Silent Hill's P.T. and definitely the best rebuild of the game that I've seen so far. The controls were a little.

Também têm jogos de PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 MINIS, PSN GAMES, EMULADORES e TUTORIAIS para instalação. Caso você tenha algum BLOQUEADOR DE ANÚNCIOS/ADBLOCK instalado em seu navegador, DESATIVE TEMPORARIAMENTE para acessar os links. Aos usuários com dificuldades em baixar pelo MEGA. An interactive teaser for Silent Hills was released on August 12, as P.T. ( Playable Teaser), marketed as a demo for a horror game by the non-existent On 1 September , Sony revealed during its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference that P.T. has been downloaded over a million times.


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