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Excretory system ppt

19 Jun The human excretory system functions to remove wastefrom the human body. During this process animals get rid of nitrogenous wasteproducts of metabolism, including ammonia, urea, anduric acid. Although excretory systems are diverse, nearly all produceurine in a process that involves several steps. Although the urinary system has a major role in excretion, other organs contribute to the excretory function. Four Organs of the Excretory System. The lungs in the respiratory system excrete some waste products, such as carbon dioxide and water. The skin is another excretory organ that rids the body of wastes through the. The Human Excretory System. The function of the excretory system is the excrete (get rid of) wastes that are not helpful to the body. EXCRETION. Excretion is: removal of metabolic wastes. removal of excess heat. Main Excretory organs involved are: kidneys; liver; lungs; skin. A Note About Metabolism. Metabolism; This is.

Several organs assist in the excretory process but the kidneys which are a part of the urinary systemare the primry organs of excretion. EXCRETORY SYSTEM contd. Urine is formed by more than one million nephrons in each kidney which not only serves to rid the body of nitrogenous wastes, but also to regulate the water. Excretory System. Honors Biology Powerpoint #5. Excretory System. Function: The excretory system eliminates nonsolid wastes from the body. Nonsolid wastes are eliminated through lungs, skin, and kidneys. Lungs exhale carbon dioxide and water vapor. Sweat glands in skin release excess water and salts. skin. lungs . The job of the excretory system is to remove various produced by the body. The removal is known as excretion. It is important for the body to remove these various waste, also known as toxic, because toxic build up can lead to severe death. About sixty percent of your body contains water. A portion of the water is in the.

What does the Excretory System do? The excretory system removes. all the waste Lets take a journey of the Excretory System. Copyright of www. , If you also want to share your own or your kid's presentation(ppt) please send it on [email protected] Copyright of www. Human Excretory System. Major Excretory Organs. Lungs; Large Intestine; Kidneys; Liver; Skin (Integument). Lungs and Large Intestine. Lungs remove carbon dioxide from the blood; Large Intestine removes solid waste (feces) from the body. Kidneys. Primary organ of the excretory system; Filters soluble waste products. Human Excretory System. composed of. kidney-functional unit of a kidney- nephron). lungs (alveoli). skin (sweat glands). liver. types of metabolic wastes. Waste Produced from. Carbon Dioxide Aerobic Respiration. Water Aerobic Respiration. Salts Metabolic activities. Nitrogenous wastes Breakdown of excess Amino Acids.


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