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Ac4bfsp.exe has stopped working

I bought Assassin's Creed IV on Steam but have never actually played it. I click PLAY, a black screen comes up, then I get an error message that says, " has stopped working." I completely removed AC4 and uplay, re-downloaded it all again which took a while, ran it, and. Nov 24, Hey guys so when I first bought the game when it was released it worked fine. On my main PC got 60fs on everything maxed:) However last two days the game doesn't load. Keep getting the has stopped working message. Tried verifying the cache, reinstalling the drivers and other software. Mar 19, If you have AMD go into your graphics settings in-game, then set every setting on low or off, test it one after another. Then it will work, worked for me. I had that black screen. YOU can also go to this link to check other solutions.. https://

Every time I launch this game I get the error message in the title. How can I start playing my favourite console game on PC. FYI: I've tried a driver. I've had the retail version of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag for about eight months now, and the game hasn't given me ANY problems to date when lately, it stopped working all of a sudden. Now, when I. Has any one else had this issue. I have tried turning off the syncing between the game and uplays cloud, but it still comes up.

Hi! I just recently bought this game, though everytime I load a save file (have yet to start due to the crashes) it crashes as soon as it gets to the part with Edward in the blue/crystalized sort of void. After that it just crashes and says: " Has Stopped Working" I've been looking far and wide and have.


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