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Glover n64 music

7 Nov Download Glover (Nintendo 64) (gamerip) Soundtrack soundtracks to your PC in MP3 format. Free Glover (Nintendo 64) (gamerip) Soundtrack soundtracks, Glover (Nintendo 64) (gamerip) Soundtrack MP3 downloads. Browse our great selection of Glover (Nintendo 64) (gamerip) Soundtrack music. Music, Perfect Audio Design. Music Director, Rob Lord. Music written by, Rob Lord, Paul Weir, Mark Bandola. Sound Effects, Allister Brimble, Richard Joseph. Voice of Glover, Simon Cole. Managing Director, Philip Oliver. Technical Director, Andrew Oliver. Producer, Chris Down. Management Team, Thomas Dusenberry, . 21 Jul Platform: Nintendo Released in US: October 31, Glover N64 Level Pause during gameplay and press C-Up, C-Up, The logo screen music only plays for approximately 20 seconds but the actual song is a little less than three minutes long! A little fun trivia; this song borrows heavily.

Glover is a platforming video game developed by Interactive Studios and published by Hasbro Interactive for the Nintendo 64 and Windows in , and for the PlayStation in The game features a magical, four-fingered glove named Glover in his quest to restore the Crystal Kingdom by retrieving crystals that. This is a complete listing of all the files in the Nintendo 64 directory, as of March 18, at AM EDT. There are midi files in the Nintendo 64 directory. SONG TITLE, FILE SIZE, SEQUENCED BY, COMMENTS. Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M.. Menu Screen, bytes, Sighard, 5 Comments. Banjo-Kazooie.


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