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Basics of Computer Science Multimedia - Learn Basics of Computer Science in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Fundamental Concept, Role of Computer in Today's World, Computer System, Programming Languages, Hardware and Software, Analog and Digital. MULTIMEDIA tutorials, MULTIMEDIA online courses with reference manuals and examples. 25 Mar The funny thing about the new wave of journalism is that news organizations are requiring journalists to learn additional technical skills, but aren't making the necessary training readily available. In order to be or remain employed in this industry its essential to hunker down and learn some new skills.

Multimedia Tutorial. Introduction: This tutorial is a combination of sound, video and images. I will focus mostly on how to in corporate video and sound on your own personal webpages. As well as what programs you need inorder to play the sounds and videos. The browsers I have concentrated on are Netscape and. Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and XML. The University of Pennsylvania is in the process of constructing a one-semester set of interactive multimedia tutorials that are being disseminated to students on CD-ROM and a local network for a course in introductory materials science and engineering. The topics that have been completed include dislocations and plastic.

Tutorials. C++ Tutorial · Ansi C Tutorial · COBOL Tutorial · MS Office Tutorial · JAVA Tutorial · J2EE Tutorial · J2ME Tutorial · LINUX Tutorial · MYSQL Tutorial · MULTIMEDIA Tutorial · NETWORKING Tutorial · ORACLE Tutorial · PERL Tutorial · PHP Tutorial. PYTHON Tutorial. SQL Tutorial. SAP Tutorial. UNIX Tutorial. Multimedia example: The whole code__: multimedia.c. The EFL have a special library for multimedia file playing purposes: Emotion. That library has some wrappers in Elementary to let you easily write applications: these are Elm_Video and Elm_Player. * Elm_Video provides a simple video object. * Elm_Player provides. Description of Assignment/Project. The purpose of this assignment is to practice the planning necessary to create a multimedia tutorial that could be used with my students to help them learn how to use a particular application or online resource -- in this case, the tutorial planned will show faculty how to embed a video into.


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