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Chalk Dust This song is by The Brat. Chalk dust. I wanna see my daddy there was chalk dust. Boring I'm gonna have to shoot you now. You're boring. I am sorry about this. You tedious little brat. I am sick of you. The umpire strikes back ( Machine gun fire) Rat-a-tat-tat-tat. Oh, You're the pits, you're scum man, you are not fit. With Kaplan Kaye he also recorded a song "Chalk Dust - The Umpire Strikes Back" using the monicker 'The Brat'. Released on the Hansa label, it entered the UK Singles Chart on 10 July ; it reached a peak of number 19, and remained in the chart for 8 weeks. The song was a Top 10 hit in the Netherlands, Belgium. Chalk Dust - The Umpire Strikes Back. The Brat. Add "The Brat - Chalk Dust - The Umpire Strikes Back" to My MusicAdd "The Brat || Chalk Dust - The Umpire Strikes Back"to My Music.

Chalkdust. Biography by Craig Harris. One of calypso's true intellectuals, Chalkdust (born: Hollis Urban Lester Liverpool) is known for his hard-hitting, politically tinged lyrics. The record holder for most years as a National Calypso Monarch Read Full Biography · Overview ↓ · Biography ↓ · Discography ↓ · Songs. Date, Song, City, Timing, Notes. · Chalk Dust Torture Reprise · Noblesville, IN, , Fun little ditty, and very unlike big brother "CDT" makes only its second appearance ever, transitioning in through a series of stops at the end of a funky version of "Drowned." The third and final version (so far) of "CDT Reprise". And the torture of chalk dust collects on my tongue. Thoughts follow my vision and dance in the sun. All my vasoconstrictors they come slowly undone. Can't this wait 'til I'm old. Can't I live while I'm young? But no peace for Jezmund tonight. I plug the distress tube up tight. And watch what I say as it flutters away. And all this.

Song Meanings - Chalkdust Torture. This song is about somebody having a flashback while in school. It's about a typical high school kid who has a job after school or something a.k.a. the usual American kid. Let's look at it line by line. Come stumble my mirth beaten worker-The kid has a job and busts his butt. I'm Jezmund.


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