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Rickrolling, alternatively rick-rolling, is a prank and an Internet meme involving an unexpected appearance of the music video for the Rick Astley song "Never Gonna Give You Up". The meme is a type of bait and switch using a disguised hyperlink. Those led to the music video believing that they were accessing some . Mar 11, 7. YouTube's April Fools' Day Prank. On April 1, , YouTube itself got in on the game by changing every video link on its homepage into a Rickroll. Good luck clicking on "Evolution of Dance" that day; you were in for a Rickroll no matter what. Browse the best of our 'Rickroll' video gallery and vote for your favorite!.

Apr 10, And it's Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up," which Wood sings in mock- earnest fashion for a bit before the video switches over to 22 minutes of a dog staring at a piano, as the show's score plays in the background. Sorry, everyone -- you've been epically RickRolled. Watch the video below. Apr 10, For the first minute and a half, the video looks like it might be legitimate—but then it turns out to be a Rickroll, as Evan Rachel Wood starts singing a mellow cover of “Never Gonna Give You Up.” You got us, Westworld creators, although using the prospect of a video laying out the season to thwart spoilers.


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