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Windows rt for hd2

28 Dec HTC HD2 Refuses to Die, Now Runs Windows RT. Let's say you have a device from , and at times it seems like it's just a little bit out of date. The latest devices coming out are all competing to become “The Next Big Thing,” and this device just doesn't seem to stack up to the competition. And with the. Hello I read a thread about Windows RT on the HTC HD2 (link with Pictures: Is it possible for me, to install it on my HD2? Does it run beside Windows mob. 27 Dec We've seen the HTC HD2 running essentially every mobile operating system from its birth till now, but nothing could have prepared us for this: hackers have ported in Windows RT! This operating system is meant to be a sort of half-way point between full-on desktop mode and mobile for the Windows tablet.

29 Dec At this point, it would be safe to say that the HTC HD2 is a legendary device in development circles. Apparently, an HD2 has been spotted in the wild running Windows RT, which is essentially an operating system for tablets. According to GSMArena, the hack was performed by a developer who goes by. 27 Dec It initially appeared that the HTC HD2 would have a short life — after all, the phone came to the US in March of with Windows Mobile and was Now, a hacker known as @CotullaCode on Twitter has managed to shoehorn Windows RT onto the device, bringing Microsoft's new tablet OS to a nearly. 27 Dec Someone should do some research on just which smartphone has seen the most operating systems ported over to it, and I am quite sure that the venerable HTC HD2 is one of the frontline runners. After all, when it comes to the HTC HD2, the adage of “anything is possible” seems to be hackers' main.

28 Dec Some things are done for the sole purpose of saying “because I can”. Taking a copy of Windows RT and hacking it on to the three-year-old HTC HD2 Windows Phone fits pretty squarely in that category, and that's fantastic. The HTC HD2 isn't really all that different from any other smartphone. The only thing. 28 Dec Want to see Windows RT on a smartphone? We know you do, that's why we're fairly sure this latest news will excite you just as much as it does us. Windows RT has been ported to the HTC HD2 smartphone. Honest!. 27 Dec As if last month's news that Windows Phone 8 had been adapted to run on the stalwart HTC HD2 wasn't enough to convince you that this unstoppable little handset from will continue to run modern software long after the rest of its peers have found their way to the bottom of our junk drawers, intrepid.


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